Top Things To Look For While Choosing A Training Company In Dubai

How to select a Training Company In Dubai

August 19, 2019

By: Ignite

Dubai is renowned for being one of the fastest-growing cities in the Middle East. Attracting more than 20 million visitors roughly every year, Dubai is considered as the leading business hub of UAE.

The rapid growth in business over the years has motivated the private and public organizations to focus on essential skills required to thrive in the market. It evident from the fact that the government of UAE has recently launched the national strategy of advanced skills in order to encourage the corporate sector for improving workforce skillset to meet future needs.

There is no denying that employees professional Growth is essential if the companies have to keep ahead in the business competition. It is a deceive factor of sustainability, especially in a country like UAE, where startups and creative business ventures are taking the market by storm. Neglecting workforce skills development means falling out of your game and getting replaced by new and better is obvious!

Owing to this, Dubai training companies are at a rise as prospective employers are looking to adapt job seekers in Dubai with the necessary skills to compete in the job market.

Here are a few essential things laid out for you to choose the appropriate and best training company in Dubai:

Experience history of the training company:

Find out about how long the training institute has been in this business and if for long, are their working years and reviews consistent? The number of years of a company does not directly mean the company would be good or bad; the kind of experience the staff and company matter a lot.

Any institute with fluctuating ratings will result in inconsistent performance than the rest. Owing to this reason, you should be careful in reviewing the historical background of training services providers based on their performance than working years.

Ignite is one of such training companies in Dubai with solid reviews and ratings from almost every client they’ve had over the years.

Syllabus and course material of the training:

When searching for the right training institute in Dubai, personally check their website or inquire from them about the course outline and study materials. It is because you don’t want to end up wasting important days of your employees over outdated skillset or learning things that you weren’t looking for or in need of right now.

For instance, if you are looking for comprehensive soft skills training for your corporate workforce, you surely would like to get the right interpersonal grooming training for your employees to become influential workers.

Moreover, long after your instructors are gone, the only refuge to revise and learn is the course material. So, you should thoroughly research the contents that an institute is covering for a course is essential. Also, compare the syllabus with other institutes’ course contents and go for the one that has up to date content according to the need of the market.

Fee structure of the training courses:

A much important and probably the deciding factor in choosing the right training institute for you or your employees is the fee of the course. When surveying the market for selecting the right training company in Dubai, one can find different fee structures for the same kind of courses they offer.

Now, it is your responsibility to make a wise selection by analyzing the cost and worth of corporate training courses that you are going to acquire for your workforce. For this, carefully examine the market to make a comparison of courses fees offered by different companies based on a reputation for shortlisting and final decision.

The fee structure of Ignite corporate training courses is pretty competitive, and they offer unparalleled services at negotiating prices.

Future prospects of growth offered by the training institute

When finishing up a training program, trainees expect more than a piece of paper in their hand. But, they usually seek in-depth knowledge, practical skills, and confidence in those skills as the essential outcomes of training.

Keeping this in mind, you should consider hiring a training company in Dubai who can assure to nurture a culture of learning among your employee at the end of the skills grooming course. Not only this, the trainees should be able to use the acquired knowledge to deal with the present as well as future work situations.

At Ignite Training, our primary focus is to achieve what the trainee is looking for while keeping the present business requirements leading to a bright future. Our previous clients confirmed this, such as Usama Qasem (Regional Director & Content Marketing Manager at IKEA) says this about their session:

Fun and engagement were our goals from the team building day and Ignite managed to deliver. The team here at IKEA talked of the day for more than a week. We will be using Ignite again for all our future team building days, and we suggest them to everyone.

Availability of Customer Support and Assistance

Guidance and support are considered vital in every task, be it friendly or professional. Look for what promises the support staff of the institute offers while choosing a professional training service provider in Dubai.

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