• One-Five

  • Everyone

  • 15

Key Topics

  • Grow Mindset/li>
  • Communication
  • Social Styles/Patterns
  • Empathy


Participants will:
  • Hone your unique leadership presence and different communication styles to become a charismatic leader who makes an impact.
  • Understand how others experience you
  • Demonstrate the ability to show different communication styles at the right time
  • Leverage your new leadership presence and communications skills to connect with others and build relationships authentically


The course helped us to take these concepts and apply them to projects in our own business outcome”


“Very useful and relevant for our company purposes. Relevance of utilization and improving invoice practices”

Course Overview

The past few years has been the most Challenging, Interesting and most Stressful times of our lives. We are living and working in a world of V.U.C.A- An acronym to appropriately describe the global status of the world as: Volatility, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous times. The impact this has had a tremendous impact on each of us personally and professionally. Today’s business leaders need to go beyond the methodologies of trendy well being, business and leadership and especially outdated practices. Instead, they must turn more inward to continually adapt their attitudes, behaviours and evolve perceptions about themselves, their people and the business. Up skilling alone will never be the single solution to navigate these times

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