Business Finance Training with Apples & Oranges™ Simulation (Dubai)

Apples & OrangesTM

Business Finance for Everyone

Equip your employees with the knowledge they need to think like business owners through playing this world class simulation.

In Apples & OrangesTM, each team is the incoming management company who will lead A & O Inc — an established company facing some tough but realistic challenges. Teams are tasked with running the business over 2-4 fiscal years, with simulated exercises about the foundations of business.

Through the simulations participants will learn the importance of cash flow and how to monitor it, better utilise resources and much much more.

At the end of each simulated year, teams create their own balance sheets and income statements allowing them to measure results, analyse their performance and understand how their daily decisions impact the company financially.

Everyone’s a winner in Apples & OrangesTM — a playful approach to serious business results.

Apples & OrangesTM: Versions

based on different business logics

Apples & OrangesTM


– focuses on issues that arise when scaling a manufacturing company for profitable growth. Participants see how small changes in operations—such as enhancing information flow, optimize cash flow and working capital—can significantly change the outcome and improve bottom line results.

Apples & OrangesTM


– highlights how to buiild a customer base that will yield short-term profit and long-term sustainable growth and how the organization benefits from better sales and forecasting. Participants understand which customers to pursue by monitoring issues like volume, loyalty, image, price and payment terms.

Apples & OrangesTM


– explains how the bottom line is affected by the utilization of staff and better procedures for forecasting and planning. Participants realize how configuring the customer base (in terms of volume, loyalty, image, price and payment terms) affects cash flow, short-term profitability and long-term market value.

Apples & OrangesTM


– ensures comprehension of inventory capital management and how the effective use of personnel impacts customer satisfaction and profitability. Participants make decisions to improve financial success in areas like distribution optimization, stockroom and checkout efficiency, scheduling, store traffic, customer service and point-of-purchase display.

Quick Facts

Key themes

Business acumen, financial literacy, big picture view, operational decision-making.

Target group

Anybody who will gain from learning about business finance. Employees at all levels.


Board-based business simulation with digital support.


8 to 12 hours corresponding to 3-4 simulated fiscal years.


Cayenne is available in a great number of languages.

Number of participants

2-6 teams, 8-24 participants per facilitator. Unlimited number of participants in total. Multiple games can be held simultaneously to illustrate for example different continents, markets or business units.


Apples & Oranges is available in four different versions, based on different business logics: Manufacturing-Sales, Manufacturing, Service and Retail. Please contact us for more information.