Experiential Learning: Business Simulations for Improved Performance

Serious Games for Learning and Change

When you need people to understand new concepts, change behaviour and improve performance—put away the manuals and cancel the slide show. People learn by doing. And that’s where we can help with partnership with Celemi. As a world leaders in business simulations, Celemi creates the tools you need to make difficult information easy to understand. Together, our ready made business simulations recreate genuine corporate challenges and situations so people have a chance to test new skills and explore new concepts in a realistic, but relaxed environment.

Our Approach: Overview

Aligned with Celemi, our strong belief is that we, as human beings, want to understand the context that we’re in – of the organisation we work for and the strategy. We all need to understand the big picture and how we can make a difference.

That’s why the Celemi methodology is outstanding – it involves hand, heart, and mind. It is also an alibi for interaction when you want to:

  • Share valuable experiences
  • To create commitment
  • To strengthen the networks

You know, you can’t absorb someone else’s knowledge and conclusions…you must create your own learning to make change happen.

Our Business Simulations

Have your people simulate real-life situations in a safe, fun environment with no risk to your real business. Celemi business simulations use self-contained learning experiences to recreate workplace or operational environments.

With Celemi business simulations, participants get to create their own knowledge, test new skills and make mistakes in a learning environment without the fear of real impact in the real world.

Each simulation offers a completely different challenge and learning outcomes – so get in touch with the team today to find out which would be most suitable fit for you.



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