• 1 Day

  • All

  • 15

Key Topics

  • Negotiation styles and fundamentals
  • Types of negotiation
  • Stages of negotiation
  • B.A.T.N.A., Z.O.P.A, Reservation Price and Anchoring


Participants will:

  • Understand their own negotiation style
  • Be able to identify the style of others
  • Walk away with the tools needed for successful negotiation


“Very professionally delivered session. It really gave me the confidence going back to the workplace. Plenty of opportunities to discuss certain tactics to help get the message across. Good constructive feedback, to help me improve.”

Course Overview

Being able to close a sale, resolve a conflict between two colleagues, secure a higher salary, or be in control of watching your TV show tonight at home are all ways in which we use negotiation skills. But rarely do we understand the principles behind negotiation.

The art of getting what you need, both in the face of opposition and without leaving behind a trail of devastation, is a major life skill as well as a key business asset. Exceptional negotiators are able to read the room and respond in the most effective way, taking the ego out of n‘ego’tiating and securing both the end goal and the relationship.

This course helps participants understand their natural negotiation preferences and develop their ability to navigate opposition, move nimbly through the different negotiation styles, devise and practice strategies to apply their newly acquired knowledge immediately.

We equip your staff with the fundamentals of negotiation in order for them to recognise the behaviours displayed by the person they’re negotiating with, and also how best for them to adapt to the situation in order to secure the best outcome. Through case studies and a final activity, in which teams attempt to negotiate the best solution, your employees will have experienced the tools that make them the most effective negotiators.

This training will not just focus on commercials but negotiating, in general, with internal and external stakeholders.

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