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Key Topics

  • Understanding common mental health problems
  • Improving wellbeing personally and professionally
  • Supporting colleagues experiencing mental health issues
  • Managing mental health issues in the workplace
  • How to connect and communicate with direct reports


Participants will:
  • be provided with tools to support colleagues and direct reports experiencing mental health issues that both protect the employee and the employer
  • gain a greater understanding of mental health and wellbeing issues, and help them recognise when they may need further help and support
  • be provided with some practical tools for managing stress, anxiety and low mood, and for promoting positive wellbeing to help build resilience
  • be able to offer guidance and advice for how we can connect with colleagues who may be experiencing a mental health or wellbeing issue
  • be equipped with a resource pack, toolkit, and signposting to further help and support concerning mental health and wellbeing issues


“We have worked with Ignite Training for over two years now, and the team has provided us with training programs on Sales, Team working as well as Coaching.

All programs have been of high quality delivering a deep, positive impact on our colleagues.”

Course Overview

i-act's Managing and Promoting Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing is a course that aims to tackle stigma of mental health, inform managers about different illnesses and the symptoms they present, and how to support colleagues experiencing these issues. Managers will be given additional tools that support the management of employees with mental health conditions, by providing the right support and ensure regular check-ups are carried out. These tools also support the business by ensuring employees are correctly supported which can lead to less absenteeism (one of the reasons employees with mental health issues take time from work is due to a lack of support from managers). Each participant is given a resource book with over 50 tools to support employees and access to an online resource portal.

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