What is the Jigsaw Discovery Tool

The Jigsaw Discovery Tool is a practical, workshop-based self-discovery programme with far-reaching applications in the workplace and in life. It not only helps participants develop in-depth self-awareness, but also an understanding and tolerance of the working styles of others. The key lies in the tools and techniques participants learn and are able to use immediately.

The Jigsaw Discovery Tool is a tactile, experiential way of learning and can be used to help develop individuals and teams to improve areas including:

  • Communication
  • Team Spirit
  • Leadership
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Overall Individual and Business Performance

Its success lies in the fact that the psychology and neuroscience it is built upon, is validated and then delivered in a non-theoretical and non-threatening method.

There are no long questionnaires or test papers and no computer generated reports, the learning is purely organic, as the participants develop and build their profiles. The Jigsaw Discovery Tool provides active engagement from beginning to end.

Participants actively enjoy vibrant, interactive sessions and come away charged with energy and practical tools that they can put into a new found motivation to develop relationships.

The Jigsaw Tool Itself

Participants are amazed at the degree of clarity with which they recognise themselves, using a unique, 64-piece Jigsaw profiling tool. Next comes the realisation of the array of strengths and competencies that they possess and most importantly, the impact of these qualities upon their communication, perceived behaviours and preferred style of working.

To find out more and how the tool can make a real difference to you and your teams relationships, get in touch today!