• 4 weeks

  • All

  • 20

Key Topics

  • What is productivity?
  • Reducing distractions
  • Time management
  • Managing your workload
  • Productivity tools and techniques


Participants will:
  • Identify what makes them productive
  • Recognise distractions and restrict them
  • Take steps to organise and mange their time
  • Have tools and techniques at their disposal to become more productive

Course Details

  • 1 x 30 minute intro webinar
  • 4 x 1-hour live webinars
  • Learning challenges & tasks throughout journey
  • Pre/Post Assessment
  • Dedicated training consultant

Course Overview

Working from home is something quite new to a lot of people and being away from the office can have mixed impacts on the workforce. For those of us that already have difficulties being productive, being at home brings more challenges and it’s more important to ensure you are as productive as possible.

We cover a number of tools and techniques to be productive as well as taking steps to remove distractions that limit your productivity within this webinar series, ensuring you can return to “working from home” with ease and efficiency.

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