• 3 Days

  • Everyone

  • 6

Key Topics

  • Conducting training needs analysis
  • Design techniques
  • Delivery styles and group engagement
  • Evaluation writing


Participants will:

  • Outline the differences between proactive and reactive needs
  • Complete a training needs analysis using a case study
  • Design an activity that can be used in future training events
  • Demonstrate an improvement in delivery style using the skills from within the training


“Ignite always goes out their way to understand their client’s needs and are adaptable with solutions in order to meet these needs. I trust their suggestions and value their expertise.”

Course Overview

Everybody’s a trainer, right? They learn a new skill and ‘snap’ they’re in the classroom delivering to all their colleagues. But what does it really take to be a trainer? Do you know the best ways to complete a training needs analysis? What about the differences between presenting, coaching and training? And then there’s a four-step evaluation process. That’s just the basics.

Investing in your training team to effectively follow the full training cycle can significantly add cost-savings to your business. By understanding the processes for completing a detailed training needs analysis; designing a training programme that meets the needs of varying learning styles; delivering in best way to suit your audience; and completing an evaluation that can aim to show you a return on your investment, your training team can develop the skills and recognise the true value of the full training cycle.

Over three days, we’ll complete the above with a range of activities, case studies, and practise delivery, having a hands-on approach to learning. We’ll train your trainers, and you’ll reap the benefits.

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