• 2 Days

  • Everyone

  • 15

Key Topics

  • The two types of problem
  • The problem-solving processes
  • The importance of investigation, incubation and idea generation techniques
  • Creative solutions
  • Decision making


Participants will:

  • Be able to identify types of problems
  • Solve each type of problem
  • Confidently make decisions


“Ignite always go out of your way to understand your client’s needs and are adaptable with solutions in order to meet these needs. I trust your suggestions and value your expertise.”

Course Overview

We’re presented with around 35,000 partially conscious decisions each day. Most are simple to choose, such as getting out of bed, brushing your teeth, and checking your mirrors before you change lanes (not everyone though!). Some decisions get a little tougher, such as what to have for lunch, or whether to put off that report till tomorrow.  Other decisions seem out of our reach as we don’t fully understand the problem in front of us, so we are required to solve the problem before we can make an adequate choice.

This programme gives participants the tools to understand different types of problems they may be presented with and how best to go about solving them.  So instead of seeing your employees scratching their heads, you’ll see engagement, creative thinking and possibly Abdul in his office with his eyes closed and feet on the desk. He’s not slacking, he’ll be incubating his ideas ready to save you dirhams.

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