Leadership Essentials To Successfully Survive New Decade

Leadership Essentials

January 20, 2020

By: Ignite

Change and improvement are the two constants of life that keep human beings thriving for success. It is in the nature of human beings that they look up to someone to provide them guidance and lead the way. The leaders are the figures that fulfill this need and ensure the success of people and organizations.

Strong leadership is the key to constant improvement, which ultimately secures growth and success. However, with the change in time and society, the requirements and expectations from the leadership also change. Leadership essentials can help people, organizations know about the crucial points and ensure them.

The world countries are already planning their success for the next 50 years. Training programs are the most critical aspect which is allowing them to ensure the success of their present and prepare for the distant future.

This article will discuss in detail the leadership essentials to successfully survive the new decade.

What are the Leadership Essentials?

Leadership essentials are the tools or skills which are necessary for progress in professional, as well as personal life. They provide the basic understanding and guidance to the leaders to direct their teams and people around them towards mutual progress. These include crucial points like communication, power, influence, and intelligence.

How has change in decades influenced leadership goals?

The dawn of 2020 not only marks the beginning of the New Year but also of a new decade. It seems like the twenty-first century started just yesterday, but the third decade has already begun. Human beings have made some crucial achievements in technological and societal aspects in the first two decades, which will lead the way to progress in the next decade.

Change in a decade seems ordinary at the start. However, looking back highlights how much has changed and is in the constant gradual process of change. Well, change is the beauty of life, and constant improvement is also essential to enjoy this change.

Change in decades has specifically influenced leadership goals by making the leaders accept and learn it. Every new decade brings new technology, new living patterns, and modern ideology. The leaders have the responsibility to ensure that such changes lead them towards progress and not a failure.

Top 10 components of leadership essential to survive the new decade

The higher command and the corporate sector of a country are the two most important sections which lead to its success. The UAE has achieved excellence in both; therefore, the country is planning its progress for the next five decades. Setting goals is one thing, and achieving it is the other, which requires essential leadership components that can guarantee success and survival.

The following are the top components of leadership that are essential for the corporate sector to survive this new decade successfully.

1. Cross-Cultural Intelligence

There was a time when despising people of other cultural groups was a common practice. Fortunately, it has changed over the past few decades. The positive aspect is that the workforce of the modern era consists of culturally diverse people, and managing them effectively is one of the most important components of leadership essentials.

This is not the era of stigmatizing employees belonging to different cultures. The leaders must develop cross-cultural intelligence and understand their diverse workforce to ensure the success of their organization.

2. Complex Problem Solving

With the advancement in society, its problems are becoming complex and complicated. The corporate sector is focusing on technology-based sustainable progress. Ensuring it is not easy and creates conflict among the team members at every other step. The leadership has the responsibility of providing support in such crucial times.

Problem-solving requires smooth strategic planning after overviewing the whole situation. The leaders of the next decade can polish these crucial skills through problem-solving training courses. Otherwise, they can be subject to irreversible loss. Sound negotiation skills can also prove significantly beneficial in this regard.

3.  Virtual Collaboration

Just two decades have changed the world to such an extent that initially, people faced the hurdles to reach their workplace, and now technology has enabled them to work remotely. However, it has added one more point among the essentials of strong leadership, and that is virtual collaboration. Around 99% of people are willing to work remotely at some point in their careers.

99 is not an ordinary number. If this much workforce is contributing remotely, the leaders will have to focus on their virtual collaboration skills. They have to actively manage and ensure the success of a team that is not under the same roof, and that definitely requires training.

4. Ambiguity Navigation

A little ambiguity is a part of human life. However, if it becomes an active part of the professional or corporate life, it can cause panic and disturbance among the teams. The leadership of the next decade needs to fight the challenges and complexities of the modern era.

The leaders of the next decade need to stay focused, calm, and relaxed, which will enable them to navigate ambiguity smoothly. They have to lead their teams while saving them from confusion and conflict.

5. Technological Literacy

At the start of this century, we barely explored computers and the internet. By the dawn of its third decade, we are becoming quite fluent in artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Machines and technological advancement has revolutionized the work dynamics and struggle of human beings.

The technology will keep improving, which requires the leaders of the modern era to develop literacy in it. They will be left far behind and will not survive by the end of this decade if they do not include technological advancement in their functioning.

6. Multigenerational Management

Just three decades ago, people entered professional life in the late twenties, after completing their education. However, most of the youngsters of the modern era start their professional life as soon as they reach college. Most of the baby boomers and Gen X workers have reached the age of retirement. Millennials and Gen Y are actively joining the workforce.

The world societies are facing the multigenerational workforces. Few have learned the expertise over the course of decades, while others are already tech-savvy. Managing the multigenerational workforce is a huge responsibility on the leaders. Sound communication skills are the basic key to this effective management, which will boost the success of the corporate world.

7. Cognitive Flexibility

Life is full of uncertainties and changes. A lot of them are positive, while some are negative as well. The technological is making astounding progress. On the other hand, natural resources of the world are decreasing, and environmental issues are significantly increasing. The scenario can impact the corporate world in various ways and can lead them to their highest or lowest points.

A leadership essential for the next decade is cognitive flexibility. It means that the leaders need to be strong enough to face all the challenges and emerge triumphant out of them. They should never surrender to the adversaries of change or society.

8. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence, often called social intelligence, is one of the most important leadership essentials to survive this new decade. Socially intelligent leaders and the workforce are better able to understand and cooperate with each other. The feelings of human beings direct their attitude and productivity.

If the leaders ignore the importance of emotional intelligence, they will not be able to connect with them. It will also hinder team building and cause loss to the organization. So, promoting the emotional wellbeing of the workforce is quite important for leaders of this decade.

9. Decision Making

Decision making is the most crucial skill for the leaders of every era. However, it is significantly essential for the leaders of today and tomorrow due to the constantly evolving society. The technological advancement is leading the world towards a modernized setup. Still, there are few ethical issues which can endanger humanity or life on this planet.

The leaders of this decade have the essential responsibility of weighing their options and making the best decision, not only for themselves but for the future generation. Training can guide them about the basic strategies of righteous decision making.

10. Resilience and Empathy

Mistakes and failures are part of life. Good leaders are those who understand this, as well as the fact that the same applies to the workforce. Resilience is one of the most critical leadership essentials which will direct them towards growth and progress in the next decade.

The new decade will bring lots of new challenges and opportunities. If the leaders surrender to challenges while giving up resilience, they will drown their organizations. Moreover, empathy with team and workforce will help them emerge stronger and successful through challenges. Soft skills training can help them achieve this essential and ensure their success.

How to Achieve Leadership Essentials?

The society thinks that leaders are born and not made. Most people do not agree with it. It was acceptable in the era when education was not common, and technology had not made any progress. During that time, the people who were intelligent and skilled emerged as strong leaders and guided their people towards progress.

The human beings of the modern ear have a vast range of learning opportunities which can help them learn as well as polish their abilities. The will of learning and achieving something big is the only requirement that can help them build a life on Mars.

As far as achieving leadership essentials is concerned, you can contact Ignite Training, a professional training company in Dubai and polish your skills through a variety of training programs. You can boost your communication skills, problem & decision-making skills, and several other skills by learning from the experts in the field.

A general misconception in society is that only leaders need training. However, it is equally essential and important for the teams and another workforce as they are a part of the chain, which will influence success and growth. When all the employees will be well trained and groomed, they will be able to make their organization most successful by the end of the decade.

So, do not just think about this year and the next, plan your strategies for the next decade. Pursue leadership training now to not only survive but shine successfully by the end of this decade!